Family Email

Posted on: October 4, 2021

Hello Carlton Families,



The PTO is an organization that is run by Carlton parents. It is strictly a volunteer group that aims to provide experiences for our students in a meaningful way. They are always looking for more parents to join. Please think about joining the Carlton School PTO. You do not have to attend meetings to help. There are many ways to help support the PTO. 


The next PTO meeting will be held on Monday, October 18, 2021, at 6:30 pm. The meeting will be held in person at Carlton; however, we will also have a zoom link for anyone that is unable to make the meeting in person. Please look for the link in next week’s family email. In addition, we are looking to have babysitting available for anyone that needs it.


This past weekend, we had our first fundraiser. I want to thank the following parents for helping collect money and park cars at the Universal Steel Parking Lot on Bridge Street:

Rebecca Cope, Jennifer Palermo, Alex Mekelatos, Sharon Corrigan, Lisa Bisson, and Christy Evans-Marcum. Without all your support, we could not have had such a successful fundraiser. Also, thank you to Kelley Barrett for securing the parking lot from the city.


Walk-A-Thon will be held on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, during all student’s WIN Block. Your child will be bringing home a flyer tomorrow with all the details. 


The Haunted Halloween Parade this year has changed due to COVID. The school is creating a float and it will be stationed in front of the senior housing parking lot on Charter Street. Teachers from Carlton will be at the float. Please come by to see us on Thursday, October 7th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.


Tik Tok:

I want to take the opportunity to connect with you about the destructive Tik Tok “slap a teacher” challenge that has recently gone viral.  I ask that you talk to your student(s) about this concerning trend and remind your child that physical violence of any kind will not be condoned by Carlton staff or by the Salem Public Schools.  I also ask that you speak to your students about the responsible use of social media – many of these platforms are meant for students 13 and over and as elementary-aged children, our students are not developmentally able to understand and/or process the content that some of these platforms are sharing. 


Please know that the Carlton teachers and staff love each and every one of our students and are committed to promoting kindness, compassion and empathy within our community.  The superintendent hopes to mitigate some of the negative publicity around this irresponsible social media publication through a “kindness challenge” initiative throughout the district and will be sharing more details shortly.


Bully Prevention Month:

October is bullying prevention month! We would like to join other communities in going “blue” together to fight bullying. Please join us this Friday, October 8th, by wearing blue to STOMP out bullying.


Bullying is a term that is used frequently by students and adults alike, often in an incorrect way. Bullying is a term that can be sometimes overused due to common misunderstandings of exactly what it is. Part of the educating we do with students is to clarify the differences between “teasing” and “bullying.” 


So then…what is bullying?


Bullying is defined as the calculated, ongoing abuse that is aimed at a less powerful target.  The important parts of this definition are that bullying is repeated behavior, intended to harm another, and that involves a disparity of power.


When someone says or does something unintentionally hurtful and they do it once….. 

That MAY be considered DISRESPECTFUL.


When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they do it once or both parties are equally being intentionally hurtful……..



When someone says or does something verbally, physically, or written/electronically that intentionally hurts someone, continues the behavior even when told to stop or shown that the person being targeted is upset, and has a perceived power imbalance over the target….



Winter Gear:

This school year, we are going to try and gather boots and snow pants for all students. If you have an extra pair of boots and/or snow pants, please send them in to leave at school. We plan to be outside as much as possible this school year and having warm clothes will help all our students.



If your student is absent, you MUST call the nurse’s line to report the absence. The number is (978) 740-1178. Please leave a message as to why your child is out. The nurse will follow up with any family that may need a negative test to return.

Please email me with any concerns.

Bethann Jellison, Principal


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