Our Vision

The structure of the Carlton School is to provide intensive, personalized instruction that supports students’ continuous progress and learning at their own pace to achieve academic and social-emotional growth and mastery of standards.

The school’s structure supports the individualized teaching of each student, ensuring his or her continuous academic progress. Students and teachers work with intention, purpose, and cognitive clarity. By using a multi-age approach, without grade level distinctions, students progress at a developmentally appropriate rate that is individualized in nature. Students receive intensive instruction in reading, writing, math, and science that is explicitly driven by the assessment and instruction cycle. The school also embraces a multi-disciplinary and inquiry-based approach to science and social studies, which incorporates the core subjects of reading, writing, and math. Continuous progress teaching is achieved through collaboration among teams of teachers and students working towards growth and mastery.



  • Transition Meetings
  • Monthly Community Circles
  • Core Values of Community, Curiosity, Effort
  • School Wide Performance
  • New Outdoor Learning Space
  • Win Wednesdays
  • Student/Staff/Family Garden


  • Continuous Progress Model
  • End of Year Celebration of Learning
  • Cohorts rather than grade levels (P1, P2, E1, and E2)
  • Project-based learning
  • Stickers and Shout outs


  • Active PTO
  • School Council
  • YMCA After school program on-site
  • Salem High School Prep