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Carlton Music Program

Your child will  participate in a weekly (40 minute) music class that is based on the foundational work of Gordan, Orff, Kodaly, and Dalcroze blended with the needs of children to feel a sense of belonging, purpose, and fun!  These approaches lead to learning that begins with children listening, singing, playing instruments and moving to high quality music.  Once a child is ready, they will also begin learning about music notation.  All classes will balance ensemble (group) demands with solo (individual) growth.  

P1 and P2 students will explore the musical world primarily through movement.  The learning will be based on the Dalcroze method which guides students in experiencing meaningful rhythmic movement associated with ear-training and improvisation facilitates and reinforces the understanding of music concepts, enhances musicianship and focuses awareness on the physical demands of artistic performance and the Orff method which uses the folk music in long, dance, and instrumental performance to explore musical concepts.

E1 students will begin to experience music making through their own mastery of instrumental performance.  All E1 students will receive a recorder and will learn how to connect the process of reading notation with the performance of folk songs (continuation of the Orff approach from the P1 and P2 experience) on the instrument.  Students also practice time management, self -directed learning, and responsibility of instrument care.  

E2 students will begin the year with exploration of Percussion instruments through a blend of DRUM ensemble pieces, STOMP (innovative use of non traditional instruments like brooms, playground equipment, and trash cans), and beginning stages of engineering their own instrument.

Music Enrichment is open to those who wish to further develop percussion and ensemble skills.  The percussion ensembles will perform throughout the year at assemblies and concerts.  

Salem's City wide instrumental program begins in the 3rd grade with recorders.  In the 4th and 5th grade, those students who are interested, choose an instrument for band or orchestra.  The instrumental program is enhanced through the Hardscrabble Grant, which has purchased keyboards that connect to the schools computers, allowing for computer music composition and piano technique as well as Orff Instruments on loan from Salem State University.

I am excited to be collaborating with your child in the music making process.  Please contact me at if you have any questions, comments or concerns. For questions regarding band instruments contact and string orchestra questions to